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Dubois Fellowship

Talented Tenth Program

Columbia, SC

The Dubois Fellowship furthers the Talented Tenth's mission by creating opportunities for African American professionals by helping them build a more robust network. The sessions focus on a range of topics that include professional development, education, economic development, the arts, personal branding, financial empowerment, and more. Participants are also paired with a mentor who will assist in the development and execution of the participant’s goals, all while better cultivating their leadership skills.

2021 - Present

Exec Board

City of Columbia Food Policy Committee

Columbia, SC

"A coalition of food leaders, city council appointees, stakeholders and volunteers driven to ensure a healthy, fair, and sustainable food distribution system for all Columbia residents."

At Large Stakeholder Member:

  • Assess commitment to Food Justice, racial equity, and authentic community engagement on a routine basis 

  • Identify resources and support will be provided to ensure standard commitment to Food Justice, racial equity, and authentic community engagement

2017 - Present


Urban League

Columbia, SC

  • Support the Urban League Movement through volunteerism, philanthropy, and membership development

  • Assisted with voter registration and census initiatives

  • Part of the community service committee

2015 - 2020


Department of Juvenile Justice

Columbia, SC

  • Mentor and Volunteer since 2015

  • One on one mentor with juveniles, weekly visits to build a relationship and encourage good habits and provide emotional/mental support

  • Volunteer with Blazers program, 10-week program for juveniles to introduce life after sentence including tips for college/military, public speaking and etiquette, interview preparation


Other programs/organizations

Columbia, SC

  • United Way annual point in time count

  • Special Olympics

  • Transitions Shelter

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